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My name is Elizabeth Ndungu, and I am the founder of Ndungu Consulting.

I am a proud KINDNESS INCORPORATOR with 14 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience.

At Ndungu Consulting we promote a Kindness Inspired mindset at work.

We extract individual core values and passions and package them into gifts. We then align those gifts with the companies core values so as to create successful employees and companies.


Each individual that feels "seen" by their employer - gives 100% and wants the best for the company - as long as core values are merged!

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Starting off as a Server at the Courtyard Cafe to complete my journey at Marriott International as an Award winning Dual General Manager.

Without the kindness of the leaders and co-workers I came across, my life would have been miserable. This was the reason I started a KINDNESS INSPIRED mindset at work through Ndungu Consulting, LLC in Newport News, VA.

A KINDNESS INSPIRED. mindset was created to assist individuals and corporations in inspiring kindness at work. 

For companies to leave this world a better place than they found it and promote greatness at work! 


Ndungu Consulting helps driven and energetic business owners, leaders and individuals enhance the work culture to make it a happier and fun place to work.

This in turn increases profit and operating efficiencies - due to core value alignment!



Each individual I assisted in each company I worked with received individual PROMOTIONS, special projects and created a successful and profitable culture around them. 

Each project I worked on helped the company succeed by ensuring each individual extracted their core values and channeled their passions to make it fun at work.

If you would like to work with me - Please click on the "Book Appointment" Button below - I would love to create a successful fun culture of kindness in your company.


Elizabeth Ndungu

Proud Kindness Incorporator

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